National ITPA

Design, Development

Project Details

ITPA is the volunteer organization created by and for the independent telecommunications industry. Dedicated to community service, ITPA has been serving the public on behalf of telecommunications companies since 1920.

The Problem

It was important for the site to be fast, engaging, easy to navigate, and easily managed by the client. Some of the biggest issues the client had with their previous site were:

  • Very outdated design.
  • Important information difficult to find.
  • Very difficult to update.
  • Not mobile responsive.

Initial Ideas/Style Concepts

One of the problems I had with ITPA is their color scheme. It was initially very difficult for me to figure out how to work with the bright yellow and baby clue. However, the organization has a long and rich history of leaders, so I decided to focus more on that antique feel and build upon that. I also wanted their most important sections to be easily visible and accessible as soon as the user visits the site. I sketched out a few different mobile and desktop low-fidelity wireframes quickly on paper, getting feedback from our internal team before starting on the design mockup in Photoshop.

Bringing It All Together

I developed the site on the Bootstrap framework using a mix of HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery and integrated it with Netsource’s SiteSource 3 CMS platform (built using which makes it very easy for the client to manage their website. I made sure that the design stayed consistent and easy to use on both mobile and tablet.

Final Thoughts

I’m very pleased with the outcome of this site, and more importantly the client loves the design.


Design, Front-end Development


Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association (ITPA)


Brackets, Photoshop, Illustrator


Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery/javascript, SiteSource3 CMS (