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Text to speech app using the Web Speech API. Mainly wanted to try some things out (specifically seeing how MaterialUI plays with Next.js/SSR), and also since I'm currently editing my book it's really helpful to hear it read out loud to me so I can fix spelling/readibility/etc.

I'll be adding stuff as I go; I'm largely considering this a testing ground for tools and concepts I want to use in other much bigger projects so if you're wondering 'why are you using something so excessive for something so simple' well....there you go. The design will most likely change as it grows too.


The main things I used in this project (so far) are:

  • Next.js
  • Typescript
  • MUI (Material UI)
  • Web Speech API

I deployed the app directly from Github with Netlify.

You can see the app at


Design, Front-end Development


Personal Project


VSCode, Material UI, Spotify API


Next.js, Typescript, Material UI, Web Speech API, Netlify View Github Repo